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Innovative technology moves you forward.

We produce 1,236 different reference parts for 30 different automobile brands, 243 different vehicle models, with all our R&D and production processes, from design to the final product. While making digitalization our main focus in all processes, we combine quality with excellence.

We Are Solution Focused For Our Customers


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"Tailor-made" Solutions

Product Groups

Control Arm

Intermediate connection element that connects the front wheels to the car, which ensures the protection of the front sets of the vehicle against impact.

Track Control Arm

Mechanical parts that prevent the formation of skidding that may occur due to the centrifugal force that occurs when the vehicle turns sideways.

Bushing - Silent Block

Part that provides the up and down mobility of the control arms to connect the swing arm to the vehicle chassis.

Spring Seat

Important part of the shock absorber that prevents oscillation, provides stabilization and helps to provide a comfortable ride in vehicles.

Ball Joint

Element that connects the swing arm to the front wheel. It is the part that provides the movement of the wheel to the right and left, and also provides the movement of the wheels up and down on the ground surface.

Clavis Bracket

Part that connects the shock absorber spring to the shock absorber shaft.

With the strength we get from the past

We Design the Future with Innovation

We are always ready for change with our innovative ideas and leading technologies. We maintain our leading role in the automotive industry with our customer-oriented approach and sustainable solutions.

  • Strong and competent R&D department
  • Digital and agile manufacturing infrastructure
  • High production capacity in 10.000 m² closed area
Let's Design the Future Together

Our Solutions


R&D & Innovation

The automotive industry is advancing rapidly in line with constantly developing technologies and changing needs, and this progress increases the demand ..

Tooling & Tailor Made Projects

In OSKIM, we use machining processes to produce pressing tools, apparatus and suspension system parts. To maximize our customer..

Sheet Metal Forming

OSKIM, which has hydraulic and eccentric presses and press production capacity ranging from 40 tons to 800 tons, monitors its production..

Welding Technologies

We incorporate various welding methods, and apply Spot, Robotic Welding and Projection welding processes in our products. We work on new welding..

Rubber to Metal Production

To produce bushings in our own facility, we launched new projects on rubber to metal applications. Starting with 2021, we are making new investments..

Assembly Solutions

In OSKIM, we make assembly process to get the final product. Therefore, we design our own assembly machines according to our requirements..

Our goals are clear and big. We want to increase our competitiveness in the global market, export to more countries in the international arena and become a world brand in the field of technology.

Together with our team spirit, we aim towards a common goal by bringing together the unique talents of each of us. For more than 40 years, we have been adhering to OSKIM’s values and walking towards the future with confidence.

  • To Be Fair
  • Solution-oriented Open Communication
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Orhan Sekirden

    CEO, Oskim