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Confident Steps To The Future With Our R&D Culture

The automotive industry is advancing rapidly in line with constantly developing technologies and changing needs, and this progress increases the demand for high quality spare parts. Meeting this demand and making a name for itself in the automotive industry, Oskim has managed to become one of the leading companies in the industry by focusing on innovation and R&D activities. Behind this success of the company is the Oskim R&D Center, which is a wonder of creativity and engineering.

Our R&D Center applies rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure that spare parts comply with quality standards. In addition, thanks to its advanced simulation and testing capability, Oskim R&D Center provides significant cost and time savings during the prototype stages of spare parts.

Industry 4.0 Focused

Design Tomorrow's Technology Today! We offer industry-leading solutions to our customers with constantly developing technologies and innovative approaches.

Sustainable Innovation

With our R&D activities, we work with advanced technology to protect natural resources and reduce waste.

Creating Worlds from Ideas

We focus on shaping and improving the future world by bringing creative ideas to life with our team members working in various disciplines.

Product Design & Simulation

Our R&D team has extensive capabilities in areas critical to mobility solution, including computer-based product design, reverse engineering and manufacturing analysis. Our R&D Team, which focuses on product development at the product design stage, continues its activities to improve product quality. In this direction, it works to increase the performance of existing products and to carry out projects on products by using different materials with higher strength that have started to have an impact on the market. While continuing these studies, we also improving our analysis and simulation competencies.

Process Design & Simulation

Our company, which wants to have full control on the final product, and improving itself to have all process competencies, aims to improve the process designs, reduce costs and achieve the final product with less energy consumption, material use and reduction of carbon footprint within the scope of Green Deal. In this context, our R&D team improves itself day by day in terms of efficiency and continues to work with process simulations and comprehensive analyzes. In addition, we closely follow the process techniques that are not in our field of competence and that have recently entered the sector with the development of technology. We aim to increase our competitiveness day by day in order to offer the best solution to our customers in the most comprehensive and most efficient way.

Tooling Design

Our company continues its studies in order to always improve the machining processes by analyzing, planning, designing the necessary tools, methods and procedures to increase the production efficiency and to carry out these processes within its own body. OSKIM has been operating for many years in order to control its own production and design process. In order to provide quality assurance to its customers in the most accurate way, our R&D team closely follows the industry in machining processes and continues projects for continuous improvement.

Reverse Engineering

Our company, which works in the Aftermarket sector as its main activity, produces products with reverse engineering applications. Our company, which aims to use reverse engineering to produce new products, develop existing products and diversify the product family with the Know-How gained from it, continues its R&D activities in this field. Our R&D unit uses the data obtained by reverse engineering of the manufactured parts in its R&D projects in the field of products and processes, and has adopted the principle of adapting to global developments and always taking the technology level one step further in order to implement the e-mobility solutions of the future.

Dynamic And Mechanical Testing

We design our own life test machines in order to carry out research and development activities on the product and process in our company, which aims to provide full control over the product at the R&D, Production and Tests stage and to meet customer requirements completely. Our R&D team aims to eliminate foreign dependency for every process within the company and to provide assurance to the customer with the company’s facilities. From this point of view, we are increasing our testing capability day by day, and we are carrying out related projects.

E-mobility Solutions

Electromobility, or E-Mobility, is a general term for the development of electrically powered powertrains designed to move vehicle design away from the use of fossil fuels and carbon gas emissions. It includes fully electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and those using hydrogen fuel cell technology. All of these, far from representing ideas of electronically-guided vehicles for the future, have taken the lead in creating an integrated climate, energy and mobility strategy for our changing society in the face of rising CO2 emissions and increasingly scarce fossil fuel resources that have entered our lives in practice and will take up more space in the future. As a company, with our E-Mobility solutions, we want to not only contribute a piece, but also be a central component of a smart and resource-conserving lifestyle. To take charge of our future, we must start together today.