Career at OSKIM

With "Better Than Today!"  motto, OSKIM follows an approach giving value to ​​people in terms of employee satisfaction. Our company, which supports all employees who are open to development and carries out an important project like OSKIM Academy in this regard, takes important steps in matters such as increasing personnel competencies and language learning. Our company, which is always active with various events, awards and activities, and aims to protect the team spirit with supportive and unifying works, has always focused on improving itself in this regard with its values, vision and mission.

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OSKİM is a leading company in its sector and It offers a positive egalitarian working environment for its employees

Would you like to be a part of OSKİM, a big family that always aims to produce BETTER THAN TODAY with its innovative approach?

OSKIM produces B2B projects with an export rate of 98%. We will be happy to see everyone who wants to be a part of this strong family among us.

Career At OSKIM

Oskım, with an export rate of 99%, is not only a manufacturer, but also a project expert which can meet the needs of its customers and the market. Therefore, design and engineering is main point.OSKIM has succeed various projects with Industry-Industry and Industry-University collaborations.OSKIM is a human oriented company in any case.By constantly following the technological developments in the sector it aims to entegrate these developments in house.To able to keep its valuable employees’ motivation high, social events organize by human resources. For these activities , OSKIM Social Activities Team consider the employees ideas .The managers foucus the self-improvments of the the persons which effort to reach the success of the Company.So that,if you are a part of the OSKIM, you carry its nice touches in you whole life. #oncefromOSKIMalwaysfromOSKIMOSKIM prepares annual development plans for its employees and participates in training and certificate programs within the scope of these plans. Equal treatment are considered when creating plans.

OSKIM Academy

OSKİM Academy is a project that was started in 2022 within our company and focuses on increasing the competencies of OSKİM employees and increasing the knowledge by sharing. With this project, it is ensured that our teammates who need or request training according to the existing competency matrices are provided with the opportunity to develop themselves.